Diploma in Educational Management

Diploma in Educational Management

Accredited by CPD

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About this course

This course will guide you through the responsibilities & strategies of a successful manager in an educational setting.

You may be self-employed and embrace every single position in your one-man-band: manager, leader, teacher, PR department, accountant, dinner lady, cleaner, chauffeur and a lot more – this course will give you an excellent overview of all the areas you should address in order to drive your business forward without neglecting any of the steps you will need to take in order to achieve this.

Or you may already be holding a managerial position in a large institute. This course will give you a  perfect insight into how this role is best performed – taking into account all other staff that you need to cooperate with as well as the roles you may need to fill in case of teacher absence, etc. Improve your public profile as well as your leadership skills in order to represent your institute successfully.

Finally, you may find yourself wishing to take a step on your career ladder, from teacher to successful educational manager. This course will give you all the tools required to take this step. You will gain a professional insight which will enable you to present your vision to your superiors.

Wherever you may find yourself on your career ladder: we wish you every success!

As an educational manager, there are three main building blocks you have to look after:

1.       your institute

2.       your staff

3.       yourself

If any of the above fall short, your institute, your staff, colleagues and most importantly your students will struggle. It is your responsibility to coordinate all three areas and to ensure each area is looked after. You will need to delegate in order to achieve this and you will need excellent support from your colleagues. Therefore, it is vital that you choose the right staff to work with you on your main aim: to educate students – through subjects, educational & social environment, and ultimately through excellent management.

 We have divided this course into three modules:

Module 1: Looking after your institute – this module deals with your professional roles as leader and/or manager, your public profile and the skills required to maintain a successful public profile, as well as your long-term and short-term plans for your institute.

Module 2: Looking after your staff – this module deals with how to successfully communicate with  your staff and to coordinate their roles, how to carry out staff appraisals and classroom observation, and to instil a positive attitude in all staff.

Module 3: the final module deals with time management and how you can ensure you don’t burn out. Being a leader and/or manager entails difficult tasks – you will receive recognition for your institute’s great achievements, but you will also spend many long hours dealing with problems. This requires successful delegation skills. Although it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that all aspects are addressed and all problems are dealt with, this does not necessarily mean you have to do it all by yourself. Deciding which of your tasks can be delegated to a member of staff is a vital skill for you to develop.  

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Diploma in Educational Management


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CPD Accreditation

This course is fully accredited by CPD and you will receive a Diploma certificate issued by CPD alongside your certificate issued by Frisby College.

Diploma Certificate

You will receive a Diploma Certificate issued by Frisby College, one of the most prestigious private colleges in the UK. Frisby College is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities at Premier Status.

Take a step on your career ladder!

Taking our Diploma in Educational Management shows employers and colleagues that you value the importance of continuous professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many live sessions are there?

Our Diploma in Educational Management course is self-paced, which means you have up to 50 weeks to complete your course (don't worry, we can talk about a course extension if necessary). During your course, you have access to a weekly live session. We want to give you as much support as you need in order to successfully complete your course. So, if you complete your course in 8 weeks, you will have 8 live sessions. If you need a little longer and, for example, take 20 weeks to complete your course, you will have access to 20 live sessions.

What if I need help?

It is our aim to help you succeed, and we will do our very best to help you in every way we can. You can ask questions during our weekly live sessions or by emailing info@frisbyscollege.co.uk

How long will the course take?

This course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you need. We recommend you allow around 10 weeks if studying part time, but you could easily complete the course within 2 weeks if you are studying full time. We aim for all learners to have finished the course after 30 weeks, but don't worry if you need a course extension - we will arrange it.

How will the Diploma in Educational Management course help me with my career?

Continuous professional development is the most important feature of your career. Many of our learners are qualified teachers who have benefited enormously from the course! Please read the course testimonials, or contact us for the longer version of these, to see how two of our mature learners have benefited.

I don't have any formal qualifications. Is this course for me?

Yes, absolutely! This course will give you a brilliant foundation for your future career.

Meet the expert

Martin Frisby

Martin Frisby, Director & Principal

Martin is a highly experienced linguist, teacher, educational consultant and trainer. Together with his wife Pamela, who is a chartered linguist, Martin runs a successful Training College in England, with branches around the world. 

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